Certificate of Compliance

What is an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C)?

A Certificate of Electrical Compliance is a document stating that the electrical system on your property and all the wiring, plug sockets, switches and light fittings conform to government & ECB standards.

You need to obtain an updated new Electrical COC every time major electrical work is carried out on your property and this is a service that is normally performed by the electrician that undertakes the work.

An Electrical certificate of Compliance is an important document and should be kept in a safe place so that you can produce it if required to do so by law. A copy should also be filed with the ECB and kept on record.

ECOC’s expire after 3 years so its important to keep yours up to date, A regular inspection also allows you to be aware of any repair work required or potentially dangerous factors associated with your electrical usage.

You do not normally need a COC for changing lights, plugs or sockets, but we can issue you one to confirm that the electrical work is guaranteed.

The Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECoC) Process

  • If your electrical installation is problem free and compliant, you will only be charged for the Electrical Certificate of Compliance.
  • If there are electrical repairs required we will quote you on the necessary repairs.
  • Only upon your signed acceptance of our electrical quote, will we do the repairs.
  • Once we have received the acceptance we will schedule the repairs.
  • One of our electrical teams will complete the repairs.
  • Once the repairs are complete we will issue the Electrical Compliance Certificate at no additional cost.

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